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North Shore Coaching College

Exogee and NSCC joined forces on this innovative digital transformation initiative to realise NSCC's vision for a global, cloud-based platform that:

  • empowers operations by streamlining and automating core functions such as payments
  • supports future growth by leveraging modern architecture principles and cloud services
  • provides an overall better experience for campus directors, educators, students and parents
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InsideOut's new highly-performant and maintainable digital presence ensures years of accumulated scientific research reach those that benefit the most. The new CMS coupled with the modern architecture allows new features and sections to be added with ease.

  • Interactive web portal for registered users
  • Highly performant web experience
  • Delivered on time and within budget
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Blooms the Chemist

Blooms the Chemist wanted to streamline the complex manual analytics and reporting they were producing for their store owners. By automating the reporting process they reduced human error and provided real-time data to those who needed it the most.

  • Data sourced from multiple systems
  • Scale: Deployed to 100+ stores around Australia
  • 100% cloud infrastructure
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Aplauz is prepaid digital credit that you buy in a store down the street and spend online. It was designed as a new payment method that empowers people to make conscious spending and eliminates the risk of losing control of your spending or privacy.

  • Fintech
  • Product launch
  • 100% Cloud architecture
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A cryptocurrency-based platform where multiple stable coins - each pegged to a global currency - are traded with each other quickly without having to use an exchange to convert between currencies.

  • Ethereum blockchain smart contracts
  • Cryptocurrency
  • $600 million under management
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What others have to say

"I love working with the team at Exogee! They have successfully delivered multiple projects for me and my respective teams over the past 4 years and continue to provide ongoing strategic technology leadership and solutions for me and my team at AIA. The Exogee team are excellent at breaking down complex IT projects and communicate project risks in a way that gives Executives and Boards confidence delivery and execution targets will be met."

Sam Brown

Chief Executive Officer (AIA)

"Exogee reimagined, architected, designed and delivered the foundational platform that underpins our entire educational operation across Australia and Hong Kong. This transformational, cutting-edge cloud-based solution is a giant leap forward that will enable our ongoing growth and provides exceptional flexibility and extensibility to power the long-term ambitions of our business."

Leon Ho

CEO (North Shore Education HK)

"We joined forces with Exogee back in January 2021 to fulfil our vision and create a new payment method that empowers conscious spending. Today Aplauz is available in 1,500 stores across Switzerland and expanding across Europe. Exogee approached our project in a true partnership mode and become a trusted technology provider. Their support, commitment and innovative approach to technology have been a solid foundation for our success."

Goran Abramović

Chief Executive Officer (Aplauz)

"We started working with Exogee at a pivotal moment, building out the core architecture of our platform in a dynamic environment with changing requirements, but also needing to satisfy the needs of compliance and security for large enterprise customers. Exogee understood our business very quickly and proceeded to deliver exactly what we needed on time and on budget. They also offered ideas to push our business even further ahead, which I was not expecting from a technology partner."

Kate Abrahams

Founder and CEO (Traffyk.ai)



Identifying and understanding a problem is important to make sure that you build the right solution. Through research and data we strategise a game plan to execute on so that we know what problem we're trying to solve and for whom.

Problem Solving


Through the design process we emphasise with your customers as much as possible. That way we are making sure that we create products, services and tools that match your customer's needs, wants and goals.



Scalable and reliable solutions require all kinds of hidden technical creativity. We take care of the tricky work to ensure the solution is scalable, viable and a solid foundation to build a business on top of.



Once a product is launched to the real world, it takes the reigns and starts telling us exactly how to shape it. We continue to iterate on the product, always pushing forward as the market shifts.

Change starts with the first step. Our partnership starts with the first meeting.

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