Blooms the Chemist

Foot traffic analytics for store owners

The challenge

Blooms the Chemist wanted to streamline the complex manual analytics and reporting they were providing to their store owners. They wanted to provide rich and informative analytics to store owners around foot traffic, retail transactions and revenue so they could make better informed decisions about staffing, stock levels and product composition.

Blooms chose Exogee to implement a new foot traffic counting and analytics dashboard platform.

The solution

The solution involved integrating with Blooms’ legacy point-of-sale (POS) system as well as with the foot traffic camera’s hosted service. Data from both sources were combined enabling store owners to gain insights into how time of day, store location, staff numbers, footfall and basket sizes all affect transaction volume, revenue and therefore profit

Integrating with the legacy POS (Point of Sale) system was challenging. The POS data was stored in a relational database but relationships were only implied and had to be reverse-engineered based on identifying data (from 10s of millions of transaction records) that implied a relationship between tables. We also made use of the business’s verbal description of how the PoS system “should” work (validating the logic against what was actually implemented to help the business to capture and understand how it worked in practice).

The dynamic BI solution and the above data insights were rolled out across approximately 100 stores Australia-wide. The system is now used by hundreds of users (of which a significant proportion are store owners) across Australia.

This project required us to interact with all levels of the business from C-level to IT support and Store Managers. Without our ability to reverse engineer data and to find and connect with all members of the team, we wouldn’t have successfully created and deployed this solution.

Exogee worked with the Blooms IT team as well as foot traffic camera manufacturers to design and implement the solution.

The value

By automating the reporting process and enhancing engagement through visually engaging, informative and interactive business intelligence (BI) dashboards Blooms was able to deliver real time access to key metrics and insights to those who needed it the most. These insights allowed store owners to make informed decisions about staffing, stock levels and product composition.

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