North Shore Coaching College

Multi-tenant and multi-franchise student enrolment management platform

The challenge

North Shore Coaching College (NSCC), a renowned international educational institution headquartered in Sydney Australia, sought to upgrade its existing student enrolments and management systems as the previous solution had reached its end-of-life. Additionally, our UI/UX specialists and business analysts identified opportunities to introduce more user friendly workflows to reduce the burden on administrative staff effectively cutting overheads and enabling greater scale. All in all, it was evident that there was value in conducting a complete overhaul of their current array of student enrolment administration systems.

NSCC's overarching goal was to provide a more engaging and efficient experience for key stakeholders across their 65+ campuses throughout Australia and Asia including:

The solution

Exogee was selected as NSCC's technology partner to implement a brand-new multi-tenant bespoke software solution to support their network of 65+ campuses across Australia and Asia.

Working in close collaboration with key NSCC stakeholders, Exogee conducted interviews with key college management and key personnel. Exogee also conducted a detailed analysis of NSCC's existing systems and their functionality. From that analysis, an in-depth, modern and user-friendly user-experience was conceived, socialised and ratified by all stakeholders.

Exogee then put to work its professional expertise in cloud architecture (AWS), UI/UX design, software engineering, business analysis and software testing (QA) to build a world-class custom-built enterprise solution.

The result was a comprehensive web-enabled enrolments management system that:

Before the new system could be put into active service, all data (students, enrolments, payments and related data) needed to be cleaned, transformed and written to the new system. This required a deep understanding of how each data element relates to the operation of NSCC's day-to-day business as well as experience and expertise migrating data between enterprise systems.

The technology stack employed includes open source tools and components such as Graphweaver, NodeJS, React.js and PostgreSQL. It also integrates with payments providers to offer real time online payments to customers. AWS managed services were leveraged to ensure security best practices and reduce the time to build. Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices were employed to reduce the possibility of human error and to structure releases.

Exogee managed the Agile delivery effort from initial conception, analysis, design & architecture through to build, QA and delivery. Throughout the agile process, key stakeholders were kept informed and up to date via regular reporting on budget, progress and tracking of scope changes and effort remaining.

"Exogee reimagined, architected, designed and delivered the foundational platform that underpins our entire educational operation across Australia and Hong Kong. This transformational, cutting-edge cloud-based solution is a giant leap forward that will enable our ongoing growth and provides exceptional flexibility and extensibility to power the long-term ambitions of our business."

Leon HoCEO - North Shore Education HK

The value

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