Who we are and what we believe in

Exogee is a company that was founded in 2018. We build products for funded startups, and larger companies that want to act like startups.

At Exogee

Stuff gets done
and it gets done well

Both of these metrics are vital. If we lean too hard into getting things done, quality takes a dive, but if we lean too hard into quality it's impossible to ship. A healthy balance which is constantly re-evaluated and challenged is a key ingredient to our culture.

At Exogee

People are happy

At Exogee

We value pragmatism
over purism

All software is a collection of decisions. Should we build a system to do this generically, or simply handle this one case? Is this a separate module, or do we need to expand the scope of our existing module? As we navigate these decisions it's often tempting for team members to decide that they know the One True Way™ and that everyone else is an idiot for not understanding their brilliance. These engineers do not do well at Exogee, because we all recognise that decisions which were perfect when they were made are often wrong in hindsight. Pragmatism is a crucial element of our culture.

At Exogee

Falure Failure is used
as a way to learn

Many companies think they should aim for a mistake rate of precisely zero. We recognise that often the only way to learn is through doing, and especially doing it with gusto, then seeing what you built go catastrophically wrong. We make space for everyone on the team to do things they haven't done before, and provide guard rails such that if it goes sideways we can rescue the situation before it affects a client. We value failure as a means to deepening our knowledge and skills.

At Exogee

Success is celebrated

At Exogee

Leaders provide guidance
and then get out of the way

Open Source Projects

We love to contribute and create open source projects. Check out a few that we’ve built and currently are maintaining.


A typed task queue designed for use with React Native with powerful data features & a simple API.

View on Github


A GitHub Actions step that can scrape secrets from GitHub for a given repository and push them into AWS SSM.

View on Github


A Adds necessary shims so that React PDF can be used with Vite.

View on Github


Allows retrieval of SSM parameters per environment based on a GitHub branch name.

View on Github


A Mikro ORM driver for AWS Data API - and interface for Aurora Serverless

View on Github


A development harness for React PDF

View on Github


React renderer for creating PDF files on the browser and server

View on Github


A work in progress repo to get the types ready to contribute to Definitely Typed.

View on Github


Check out all our repos on GitHub.

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Hybrid work environment

Change starts with the first step. Our partnership starts with the first meeting.

Let’s meetup and talk about how you can bridge the old and new systems and build digitality into long-term competitive advantage

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